“Profession’s Lab” 1

Welcome to Estonia! I am really happy that our cooperation partners from Latvia, Lithuania and Finland arrived today to Tallinn and we have a very interesting Nordplus Junior “Professions Lab” activities week here! Today we had really a nice welcome evening in Tallinn Helen School. We had a nice reception with delicious foods by Carmen Catering. Our teacher Tiia took her national dancing group from Aegviidu to show some national dances and also invited our friends to dancing floor! Our school wonderful teacher Kadri and our school sign-language interpreter Külli prepeared with some our pupils a wonderful show “Cheopardy”! And after show we had a lovely dog theraphy with 3 Tibetan mastiffs Bagira, Boo and Nora! Thank you very much Kadri, Tiia and Külli! It was a very beautiful Estonian Republic 102 Birthday! And thank you our friends from Latvia, Lihtuania and Finland!